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About us

INTARC-HousingCommercialProjects is a consultancy company who offers an integral services platform of architecture, engineering, and master planning. Our experience comes based on our path as liberal professionals and becomes matured and internationalized in HCP Architecture and Engineering, with whom some of our founding partners have completed and/or signed hundreds of projects in tens of countries. We have the commitment of the design for the usefulness sustained in the pilars of the quality, the creativity and the environmental sustainability.

INTARC-HousingCommercialProjects was founded in Málaga (Spain) with associated offices in Cairo-Egypt, Manama-Bahrain, Moscow-Russia, Al Khobar-KSA, Dubai-UAE, London-UK.


“When I am working at a problem, I never think about its beauty. I think in how solving that problem. But when I finish it, if the solution is not beautiful, I know that it is wrong”
Richard Buckminster Fuller.



What we do

Our professionals and partners, highly qualified staffs are all handpicked before beginning part of our collaborative platform. We work as a team, combining an extensive knowledge of each particular field together with a state of the technological art which is constantly being updated.

The bedrock that hold INTARC-HousingCommercialProjects work is characterized by its quality and creativity which together with a good client relationship, ensures the success in each one of our projects.


“Don´t design for designers, design for people”
Thierry Brunfaut



Our Results

Throughout their career, our experts can award the merit of having obtained important achievements of design in different fields of urban and architecture, some of which has been recognized publicly.

Beyond it, our philosophy is to approach to each requirement and limitation with a good mixture of critical thought, intuition, creativity and strategy, so that, supported by the technology, we manage to reach solutions sensitive to the local resources and wealth-producing of the human experience. The architecture and the urbanism have to answer today to multiple requirements of cultural, functional, technical and normative character, requirements of a complex and global society. And between them, the attention to the environmental sustainability acquires a main roll. This complex and global society returns to be ware of both the limited available resources and the fragility of the environment.

Intelligent design, parametric modelling, simulation, virtual reality… provide our strategy with a force that positions them as the best way forward.


“Architecture is one more component to produce relevant changes in the society”
Michel Rojkind